Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Fix Check List

Do you feel like your home needs a little change but you’ve only got a little budget? We have three easy tips for changing up your home inspired by’s article: 10 Budget Updates and Easy Cosmetic Fixes.

Splash on that colour: colour trends change seasonally, so it is easy to see your friends bathroom all dressed up in the latest colour palette and get a little jealous. How you can change it? Head to the hardware store and grab a can of paint to spruce up your own small space. For the fall, crisp greys and warm oranges will be found on paintbrushes everywhere.

Turn silver into bronze: Your powder room has a brushed silver faucet like everyone else? Why not change it out for a bronze one. This rustic look will give your washroom a completely different feel. You can add a bronze showerhead to complete the rustic look for your whole bathroom.

What’s beneath your feet?: Your laundry room is just as much a part of your home as the kitchen. To make it into a more inviting space, change the flooring up with linoleum. Linoleum is an easy and cost effective way to change or add flooring to an unfinished laundry room or any space that needs a pick-me-up. It will make the laundry experience more pleasant. Linoleum tiles now come in a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns. It can look like tile, hardwood or even stone to fit with the style of your home.