Friday, May 10, 2013

Opening the Cottage with Saniflo Transformations

Cottage season is approaching here in Canada and many of us are getting ready to open-up the cottage for the summer.

While you‘re cleaning, repairing, and preparing your cottage, take a moment to consider some quick renovations that will make your summer more luxurious and relaxing.

With the right plumbing-related renovations, you can look forward to saving time, energy and money for the unrivalled cottage experience.

Bathrooms, powder rooms, and ensuites
Replacing an inefficient or faulty toilet with a SANICOMPACT, SANISTAR, or SANIFLUSH toilet makes a lot of sense. These toilets can have a big impact on your water consumption and will help prevent issues with water shortages from wells.

Why not turn an extra bedroom into a large luxury bathroom featuring a bathtub with a view? You will find that Saniflo has the perfect products to simplify your project. Saniflo macerators are perfect for adding an ensuite bathroom to your cottage bedroom with little to no hassle and in as little as one day.

A getaway isn’t really a getaway if you spend all weekend washing dishes, is it? Adding a dishwasher to your cottage kitchen is the perfect solution. Saniflo macerators can help here, as well. These systems can handle gray water from sinks and dishwashers, fit with existing plumbing and are easy to install.

Laundry room
Some of us find ourselves almost living at our cottages during the summer, and when spending longer than a brief weekend, it is nice to have somewhere to wash our clothes. Many people are adding laundry rooms to their cottages and enjoying the benefits of returning to the city without a week’s worth of dirty laundry. 

Saniflo macerators can make the task of adding a laundry room to your cottage a simple one, even below the sewer line.

Why not really open-up your cottage this season with an easy Saniflo renovation that will truly enhance your summer cottage experience?