Friday, November 16, 2012

The SANISHOWER: A "clean" approach to shower installation!

The SANISHOWER: A "clean" approach to shower installation!

When undergoing bathroom renovations, have you ever considered installing a shower in your home only to discover that the necessary drainpipes don’t exist? This is a common problem, but homeowners will be relieved to hear that Saniflo has a solution: the SANISHOWER.

The SANISHOWER is an under counter pump that removes wastewater from a sink or shower into a 3 or 4-inch sanitary drain, and can be installed without any major renovations.
The unit is a discreet under counter pump that is small enough to fit underneath a raised shower base or vanity. It is designed to connect to the vent system of the house, and can be attached to fixtures such as a shower, vanity sink or bar sink.

When installing a shower, the shower base must be raised by 6 to 8 inches to accommodate a P-trap, as well ensure that there is enough slope from the P-trap into the pump. When installing the SANISHOWER, it is important that all connections are watertight and that the pump starts and stops correctly.

If you do not plan to use the pump for a long period of time (vacation, major power shortage, maintenance, or renovation), be sure to shut off the water.

In regions prone to frost and freezing, the pump must be adequately protected against freezing. 

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Saturday, November 03, 2012

World Toilet Day – Is well underway!

That’s right, the Saniflo World Toilet Day contest is one-third of the way complete, and we are amazed at the number of entries.

Some entries we have received so far include: 

Remember, the contest closes November 19th, so get your entries in early! To enter just click here and:
-      Enter your full name
-      Enter your email address
-      Upload a photo of where you would like your Saniflo system to be installed
-      Click to agree to the Rules and Regulations

To gain a SECOND entry into the World Toilet Day contest follow these steps.

It’s that simple! Good luck!