Friday, October 26, 2012

Get Saniflo On-The-Go with the New Mobile App!

Saniflo has launched a new mobile app allowing you  to access Saniflo directly  - making it easier to find product information and services anytime you need it!

Features of the App include:

1.     Customer service and authorized retailer contact information - to get the answers you need! 

2.      Product lists for all of Saniflo’s new and existing products.

3.     In-depth product guides of each system including:

-      Descriptions
-      Technical specifications
-      Connections
-      Installation instructions
-      Photos

4.     Company news to keep you updated on the latest from Saniflo.

5.     FAQs and Tips to help you get your questions answered.

To try the app out for yourself, visit The App Store on iTunes or Google Play.

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