Friday, July 06, 2012

Turn your Bathroom into a Summer Getaway

With scorching hot and humid days on the rise this summer, nothing is as inviting as a cool space to relax and get away from the heat. A perfect DIY project for the summer is to update your bathroom and turn it into an at-home summer getaway

Start by replacing old tiles with summer-inspired flooring.  Mediterranean inspired blue, sandy beige and bright white tiles will refresh your bathroom feel. Use multiple sizes and different coloured tiles to create a unique mosaic tailored to your style; or try bamboo-styled flooring for a more nature-inspired look.  Make sure you lay your floor right with these tips from Bob Villa; whatever you choose, ask your supplier if the tiles or flooring are non-slip to avoid accidents.

Complement the tiles or flooring by updating your other fixtures and walls to match. Brighten your bath and make it look bigger (and cooler) with a fresh pop of colour. Choose a colour from your flooring to complete the look and then accent it with bold pieces in bright orange, yellow or blue.

Add some finishing touches like new cabinet handles, a rattan or bamboo bathmat or an updated bowl-style stone sink to complete your own summer getaway and enjoy!

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