Friday, July 13, 2012

Upgrade your bathroom with a new toilet this summer

Bad plumbing and old fixtures are not something you have to endure. With a few basic skills and tools, anyone can upgrade their bathroom with a new, more efficient toilet. 


Before you go out and buy your toilet, make sure your new model will fit in place of the old one. Make a note of where your old toilet fits by measuring from the wall to the centre of the unit and ensure your new model is the same size or smaller. This is especially true if space is tight.

Out with the old

Be sure to turn off the water and remove any remaining water before you start. Remove the toilet in pieces to save you and your house from damage. Try not to break it because you can potentially sell or donate your older model. Also be sure to place covering down at this time to ensure you don’t get old gasket wax on the rest of the bathroom

In with the new

Make sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions for your model. Install the new one the same way you remove the old one - in pieces.  First, install the bowl followed with the tank. When you have made sure each piece fits and you are happy with the installation, simply tighten and seal in place. Tighten bolts alternately to ensure it’s even and be sure not to over-tighten.

Finishing up

After everything is in place and the sealant has dried, turn on the water and relax. You’re all done!

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